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ThinkHealth Update v3.1.0 - 12/5/2019

ThinkHealth will be rolling out its latest version 3.1.0 on Thursday, December 5th and Friday December 6th.  We are very excited to unveil these functions, features and updates in this version!  Here are the highlights of what we'll rollout:
  • Inbox alerts will now all be in one grid with sortable headers.
  • Alerts can now be removed for individuals, not just the entire agency.
  • There was a change to how units show in the Clinical Notes Module, either monthly or plan
  • The Batch Print and Preview of Clinical Notes will now show a page process.
  • We have created a new Health Home Report
  • The Options Screen added a change so you can select a type of Treatment Plan.
  • There are changes to many reports.                                   
  • You can remove old records in the Transmit Screen.                      
  • The billing for Treatment Plan Initial Service and Mental Health Assessment service will now be taken out for the treatment plan monthly cap.
  • Enabling a process for all agencies to send email/text alerts to patients.
  • The change to the Schedule Module templates so now you can put in a template that is for everyone.
  • You can now archive old patients; this all documentation for the patient , and un-archive if needed













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